To Innovate is to Re-Invent.

There are an enormous amount of options available to small businesses to develop products with customer input,
to harness previously inaccessible global markets, to leverage a work force of talent not in your office and to rapidly deliver to differing needs as technologies emerge.

The first rule of innovation is 'Fail Fast and Fail Often' The more things you try, the better your chances of finding
"What's Right For Now' and then being the 'First to Market'.

Constant Innovation is Essential to Continued Success


We did it and so can you - we have personally developed a global business with over
half a million transactions in more than 150 countries. (
We are happy to share the tools and knowledge gained along the way.

We live in a small regional city in Australia and needed to find a way of expanding our reach.
(Instead of competing with other local business for the same customers)

It's now possible for a small home-based business to economically build products and offer services
to a large city in another country or develop a huge international market.

Introducing the entrepreneurs innovation toolkit
a 10 step, self-paced innovation action program

We firstly establish what you want to do, and why, and then we give you the steps and tools to find
what people need, and how to access talent and resources globally at affordable labour rates.

Discover the tools and strategies needed to produce prototypes quickly and trial markets in various countries.

Learn the Innovation and Presentations Secrets of Steve Jobs
Discover the tools and affordable programs to manage production and cash flow.

The Entrepreneurs Innovation Toolkit will save you months of research
and flatten the learning curve for you

The total price of $20 to Gain Password Access to the Toolkit is Ridiculous (and won't last long)

We will email you your password after payment is processed
The Small Business
Global Innovation Toolkit
Access the World

Whilst so many businesses fight with similar businesses in their same city,
it's now possible to access and service a global market for your product or service.

Check the world population distribution map for possible new markets for your business.
Personal mentoring, motivation and accountability is available

Trevor & Annie Boulton

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We have decided to distribute the entrepreneurs innovation toolkit in a web based format, so it can continually be updated as new tools and training become available. If we wrote and produced a book, it would be out of date before it was printed and we would not be able to show you the video content.